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Social Media and TAC Serious Injury Claims

Social media is a term that has become familiar to us all over the past decade. It is the term used to describe the social interaction that occurs among people/users through the creation of a profile and then the sharing and exchange of information and ideas in virtual networks....

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CAUTION – WET ROAD AHEAD! The Risk of Hydroplaning

With winter upon us and some particularly wet conditions of late, it is useful to reconsider our driving habits over the coming months.  Wet road conditions can result in more instances of aquaplaning or hydroplaning. Hydroplaning occurs when a car’s tyre separates from the road surface thus causing a temporary loss...

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So much for circumstances; create opportunities!

It is amazing what can be achieved in the space of two short years, and the momentum that can build for something that started as a means to provide opportunities for less fortunate individuals.  Peter Burt and Clara Davies have reason to be proud of their role in creating an...

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